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Prince D´Angkor Hotel & Spa has a commitment with social responsibility, Cambodia is a wonderful place but also has many difficulties that is impossible to ignore… We also want to encourage our guest to enjoy their holidays but at the same time be aware of this issues. If you are coming to Cambodia with the need of help we can guide you to an NGO’s that are really committed to help and are really making a difference in Cambodia…

If you are willing to come to Siem Reap to do volunteer please contact us for special cooperate rates!!!

Here we give you a presentation of the institutions and NGO’s that we collaborate:


ChildSafe is a child protection network that involves all members of the global community in how to take responsibility and actively protect children. Its programs range from training community members in South East Asia to identify and protect children from risks and abuse, up to international travelers, making them aware of responsible travel and how they can best ensure that children do not come to harm through their actions. Within the Asia region ChildSafe hotline numbers are promoted to provide an immediate action response for members of society, travelers or children themselves that need help or advice on what to do when a child is in, or at risk of being in, an abusive or threatening situation.

The protection of vulnerable children around the world remains an urgent issue for all countries to address; the work of Friends-International is pertinent to this - The ChildSafe Network project aims to continue to create safe communities for children through providing services to vulnerable children and youth (in particular street living and working children) while developing a community wide child protection network (the ChildSafe Network) which encourages the community to protect children from harm.

More information asks our Guest Relation office or visit the website:


ConCERT Organization

Visiting Cambodia can awaken a feeling of wanting to help as visitors are faced with many experiences, from children begging for food or money, to a variety of organizations who are engaged in humanitarian activities. People who want to help can feel discouraged because it is hard to make an informed choice of which organization to help, and whether the organization offers the correct support for the people it purports to help.

To help turn our guests’ generosity into real benefits for vulnerable people Prince D´Angkor Hotel & Spa is a member of ConCERT, (Connecting Communities, Environment & Responsible Tourism), a not for profit social enterprise here in Siem Reap. ConCERT provides information and advice on how best to give your support, and can direct you to a wide range of projects engaged in community development and support activities, which supplement the work of the government. These cover many sectors including: the care of children, (orphanages, day centers & schools), education support, community centers, agricultural development, vocational training, combating human sex trafficking, support for vulnerable people, especially women and children, health and hygiene, water supplies, landmine removal, environmental & biodiversity protection & education

For more information you can ask our guest relations office or visit the website:


Angkor Hospital for Children (AHC)

Angkor Hospital for Children (AHC) is a Pediatric Teaching Hospital working in cooperation with the Cambodian Government to provide free, quality care to impoverished children in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Since 1999, AHC has provided over one million medical treatments, education to thousands of Cambodian health workers and prevention training to thousands of families. AHC offers inpatient and outpatient care, surgical services (including heart-surgery), ER, intensive care treatment and antiretroviral HIV therapy.

More information asks our Guest Relation office or visit the website:


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